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outsourced_tv's Journal

Mid America Novelties
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For fans of the new NBC show "Outsourced"

This community for the NBC TV show Outsourced.

Started September 25th 2010 =D

There are a few rules for this community:
1. First off, we would really not like to get into the whole "Is this show racist?" debate. This comm is anti ANY form of prejudice and it will not be accepted here, but we really don't want to get in to that argument. This is just for people who enjoy the show.
2. Keep the personal stuff out of here, if you don't like someone, deal with it, and don't be a jerk to others if their opinion are different from yours. However, if someone says something truly offensive, notify the mods here: http://tiny.cc/r9p1d
3. If you don't like a post, please just scroll past it. Don't cause controversy over one post.
3. Try to keep the off topic posts to a minimum please. Obviously we won't be able to talk about the series ALL the time, but make the OT posts fun and enjoyable for members.
4. No advertising or pimping out other communities without a mod's permission.
5. Once we get our tag system up and going properly, please refer to it when posting. We would like to avoid constant reposts.

Once again we are not prejudiced, hateful, biased, and we do not condone personal attacks. If you have problems with the community, or certain comments from members please contact one of the mods over at the Page-a-mod post.